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How to Move Internal Storage to External for More Reliable Storage



How to move internal to external storage is needed by smartphone owners with small internal storage. For now, there are lots of smartphones that don’t have external storage.

This is because smartphones are now equipped with large internal storage so there is no need for external storage. But for those who have a smartphone with small internal storage, it must be equipped with an external storage slot in the form of an SD card.

Having an external storage on a smartphone will help the internal storage to store important data. The SD card also helps performance, so that the smartphone doesn’t lag.

Difference between Internal Storage and SD Card

Furthermore, the discussion regarding internal storage or commonly called RAM is the storage space that has been provided by the smartphone itself. Internal storage, commonly used for system storage and documents from various applications.

For internal storage on each smartphone, it is different from 2GB to 128GB internal storage, and sometimes it can be more than that depending on what smartphone is used. The more expensive the price of a smartphone, the greater the storage provided. 

Internal storage is used as data storage for applications that have been installed on the cellphone. And to make it safer to store important songs, photos and videos, you can use external storage or an SD card.

Please note that external storage is the same as internal storage which has a storage capacity that can be selected from 4 to 128 GB. But when buying an SD card, make sure you also know the compatibility of the cellphone with storage capacity.

Because it is important that if you use a storage capacity that does not match your smartphone, you will experience problems such as a blank cellphone. 

With an SD card, smartphone users can more freely store files or application data, especially for cellphone owners with small internal storage space. With an external space, you can store more data on your favorite smartphone.

How To Move Data From Internal To External Storage

Well, sometimes it’s easy for the internal storage to be full because there’s too much data stored and the internal storage is too small. The right solution is to delete unused data and move some data on an external SD card storage.

Lots of data can be moved to external storage. Here’s how to move data from internal to external storage with the following steps:

  • First look for the file manager menu on the cellphone and select the Phone Storage storage option.
  • Open the folder you want to move to the SD card and mark the files you want to move.
  • Click cut at the bottom when you have finished selecting the data to be moved. If you want to move all folders select select all.
  • Then return to the file manager menu and select the SD card option to move the previously selected files. 
  • Move files by clicking paste at the bottom of the screen. Done, the file has moved to external storage.

For those who want to restore data to internal storage, the things that must be done are the same as above. But do the opposite.

How to Move Default Internal Storage to SD Card

In this storage default transfer, you must first format the SD card and the data is backed up. Also don’t remove the SD card while the transfer is in progress as it will damage the data. Here are the easy steps.

  • First open the ‘Settings’ menu on the cellphone that you have and then click on the Storage menu.
  • Select the SD card that will be used as internal storage and click the menu in the upper right corner, select storage settings to set.
  • Click format as internal and format Eraser & format. 
  • To transfer data to SD card click move now and next.

If the SD card is ready to transfer data, click Done. So that SD card storage has become additional internal storage. 

That’s how to move internal to external storage on a smartphone that can be tried if the internal storage is small and full. The following method is effective enough to loosen storage space.

Pros and Cons of Moving Storage to SD Card

By doing the two methods above moving internal and external storage can provide advantages and disadvantages. For its own advantages that can be felt, the storage is looser and more flexible. 

That way you can store more files and avoid full storage notifications that often appear as warnings. On the other hand, everything has a shortage that occurs when shipping storage.

Not all smartphones support transferring storage to an SD card, so if you use the method above, it may not work. Because sometimes the smartphone specifications are different.

This is an explanation of how to move internal storage to external which you can try and get excess storage to be more flexible without lots of files piling up. This method makes it easy to transfer files quickly and easily.



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From Mild to Wild: Exploring the World of spicyrranny Cuisine






Welcome to the tantalizing world of Spicyranny Cuisine, where bold flavors and fiery heat take center stage. This culinary journey will introduce you to a diverse and exciting realm of dishes, ranging from the mildly piquant to the ferociously fiery. Let’s dive into the origins, unique characteristics, and even health benefits of this spicy cuisine. Whether you’re a heat enthusiast or just curious, Spicyranny has something to offer for everyone.

The Origins of Spicyranny Cuisine

Spicyranny Cuisine finds its roots in the vibrant culinary traditions of South Asia. It draws inspiration from countries like India, Thailand, and Malaysia, where spices and chili peppers have long been staples of the local diet. The term “Spicyranny” is a portmanteau of “spicy” and “tyranny,” reflecting the sometimes overpowering intensity of its flavors.

Heat Levels in Spicyranny Cuisine

One of the most defining characteristics of Spicyranny Cuisine is the heat factor. It offers a spectrum of heat levels, from mildly spicy to inferno-like. Heat is typically measured using the Scoville scale, and Spicyranny dishes can range from a gentle 100 Scoville units to a mind-blowing 1,000,000 or more.

Common Ingredients

Spicyranny Cuisine showcases a rich tapestry of ingredients. Common elements include chili peppers, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and a variety of spices like cumin and coriander. These ingredients combine to create the distinct and invigorating flavors found in Spicyranny dishes.

Regional Variations

As with any culinary tradition, Spicyranny Cuisine varies from region to region. The ingredients, preparation methods, and preferred levels of spiciness can differ greatly. For instance, in Southern India, you’ll find the famous vindaloo, while in Thailand, dishes like the fiery green curry are a staple.

Spices and Flavor Profiles

The spices used in Spicyranny Cuisine go beyond just heat. Each spice contributes to a unique flavor profile. Cumin, for example, offers earthy notes, while cardamom provides a sweet, floral aroma. The art of combining these spices to create harmonious flavors is at the heart of Spicyranny cooking.

Preparing Spicyranny Dishes

Cooking Spicyranny dishes can be both a science and an art. The right blend of spices, precise cooking times, and the addition of fresh herbs play a crucial role in achieving the perfect balance of flavors. The process requires dedication and attention to detail.

Popular Spicyranny Dishes

Spicyranny Cuisine boasts a variety of popular dishes. Some of these include the savory chicken tikka masala, the fiery Thai tom yum soup, and the hearty Malaysian rendang. Each dish is an adventure for the taste buds.

Balancing Heat and Flavor

In Spicyranny Cuisine, the goal is not just to make dishes spicy but to create a harmonious blend of flavors. Achieving the perfect balance between heat and other elements is an art, and the results are spectacular.

Health Benefits

Surprisingly, Spicyranny Cuisine has some health benefits. The capsaicin found in chili peppers is known to boost metabolism and reduce appetite, making it a unique addition to weight-loss diets. Moreover, the spices used in Spicyranny dishes have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The Spice-Seeker’s Guide

If you’re an aspiring spice-seeker, Spicyranny Cuisine offers a wealth of culinary experiences. From exploring local markets for exotic spices to attending cooking classes, there are numerous ways to delve deeper into this flavorful world.

Spicyranny in Popular Culture

Spicyranny Cuisine has not only tantalized the taste buds but also found its way into popular culture. Movies, books, and even video games often feature references to the bold and fiery dishes, adding a touch of Spicyranny’s allure to the entertainment world.

Spicyranny Cuisine and Sustainability

As the world becomes increasingly conscious of sustainability, Spicyranny Cuisine is adapting. Many chefs and home cooks are now focusing on sourcing sustainable and locally grown ingredients to reduce their environmental impact.

Exploring Spicyranny at Home

You don’t need to be a professional chef to enjoy Spicyranny Cuisine at home. With the right ingredients, recipes, and a willingness to experiment, you can embark on a culinary adventure from your own kitchen.


In the world of cuisine, Spicyranny stands as a testament to the remarkable diversity of flavors and the human love for bold experiences. Whether you’re a chili aficionado or just looking to spice up your palate, Spicyranny Cuisine has something for everyone.


1. How spicy is Spicyranny Cuisine?

  • Spicyranny Cuisine ranges from mildly spicy to extremely hot, offering options for various heat preferences.spicyrranny

2. What are the key spices in Spicyranny dishes?

  • Common spices include chili peppers, cumin, coriander, and turmeric.spicyrranny

3. Are there vegetarian options in Spicyranny Cuisine?

  • Yes, many Spicyranny dishes are vegetarian, making it accessible to all dietary preferences.spicyrranny

4. Can I enjoy Spicyranny Cuisine if I don’t like spicy food?

  • Certainly! Mild Spicyranny dishes offer delicious flavors without overwhelming heat.spicyrranny

5. How can I incorporate Spicyranny flavors into my own cooking?

  • Experiment with Spicyranny spices in your dishes and gradually increase the heat level as you become more comfortable with the flavors.spicyrranny
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How to Change Photo Resolution on a Laptop with and Without an Application




Photos with low resolution will certainly irritate the eye. This is because the photo is broken, so it looks ugly when enlarged. But don’t worry, because there are many ways to change photo resolution to make it look clearer and better.

Changing the resolution of this photo can be done using a laptop with and without the help of an application. Users can do it very easily, because the steps are not complicated. For that, see the explanation below for the complete tutorial:

How to Change Photo Resolution with Applications

Changing the resolution using a laptop can be done with the application. That is, if you choose this method, then some of them require the user to download the application first. There are several well-known applications for changing the resolution of a photo, including:

1. Photos application

The first way is with the Photos application which is the default Windows 10 application whose main function is to display photos. However, this application can also be used to adjust the photo resolution. Here are the steps:

  • Choose one of the photos that you want to change the resolution of.
  • Place the cursor on the photo and then right click.
  • Press the “Open with” option.
  • Click “Photos”.
  • The screen will then show the photo viewer.
  • At the top end, click the three dots.
  • Then click the “ Resize ” option.
  • Continue by selecting “Best profile pictures and thumbnails” resizing automatically.
  • Set the resolution by pressing “Define custom dimensions”.
  • Please set the height and width of the image.
  • Or you can also disable “maintain aspect ratio” so you can adjust the resolution more freely.
  • Also set the photo quality in “Quality”.
  • When the above steps are completed, click “Save resized copy”. 

2. Paint application

The next way to change the photo resolution is with the Paint application. Surely many know and have used this application. Even though there are already many more sophisticated applications, Paint is still widely chosen by the public. Here are the complete steps:

  • First of all, open Paint on your laptop or PC.
  • Click the “File” menu at the top left.
  • Then, click the “Open” option to search for and then select the photo that you want to change the resolution of.
  • Press the “Resize” option or you can press Ctrl + W.
  • In the window that appears, click “Pixels”.
  • Please change the size in the Vertical and Horizontal columns. 
  • Click the tick in the box”’Maintain aspect ratio” to prevent the photo ratio from changing.
  • After that, click the “OK” button and save the edits.

3. Image Resizer application

The third way to change photo resolution is with the Image Resizer application. This is an application that can be used on a Windows OS laptop with a size of 900 KB only. If you are curious about how to change photo resolution with Image Resizer, then see the following tutorial:

  • First download the Image Resizer application. 
  • Once installed, open the application.
  • Then find the photo whose resolution you want to change. 
  • On the photo, continue with the right click
  • Select the “Resize pictures” option.
  • If you want to edit multiple photos at once, just select all the photos to edit.
  • Right click then press “Resize picture”.
  • When the Image Resizer for Windows pop-up box appears, choose one of the sizes provided in the pop-up box, such as Phone, Large, Medium, or Small. 
  • But if the user wants to adjust it manually, then select “Custom”.
  • After that, tick “Resize original pictures …” to increase the resolution without making duplicate photos.
  • However, if you want a duplicate photo with the increased resolution, then just uncheck it.
  • If you feel it is appropriate, click the “Resize” button.

How to Change Photo Resolution Without Application

For those who want to change the photo resolution without bothering to download the application, then you can use a website specifically provided for editing photos. All of these websites can be used free of charge. Note the explanation below:

1. The iLoveIMG website

The first method is using the iLoveIMG website. Thanks to its simple UI design, iLoveIMG allows users to change photo resolution very easily and quickly. For that, follow the following guide:

  • Visit the iLoveIMG page via a Google search.
  • Click the “Select images” button to select the photo whose resolution you want to change.
  • Or you can also drag-drop or drag photos from your computer to the iLove IMG page. 
  • Not only that, photos can be uploaded to the website from Dropbox or Google Drive by pressing the icon belonging to each platform next to the “Select Images” button.
  • Photos can be uploaded in large quantities at once.
  • Then, set the height and width of the photo. 
  • If you want to maintain the aspect ratio of the photo, check the “Maintain aspect ratio” column
  • You can also press the “By percentage” option to make it easier to reduce photos. 
  • Just choose whether you want the photo resolution to be 25%, 50%, or 75% smaller.
  • Then, press “Resize IMAGES”.

2. Adobe Express website

This website has provided useful templates for various social media, such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. So that the desired resolution can be suitable for images that will be uploaded to social media. For that, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Adobe account.
  • Then, open the Adobe Express site.
  • Select a photo by pressing the “Browse on your device” or “Upload” button. 
  • Please select the social media used. 
  • Choose the desired resolution. 
  • If you want to do custom to change the resolution, then in the Resize for section, click “Custom”. 
  • Set the width of the photo in pixels in the “Width” column and the height of the photo in the “Height” column 
  • Press “Download” if you want to download a photo that has changed its resolution. 

This is information about how to change the photo resolution that can be done on a laptop. Users can choose whether they want to use the application or not.

When using apps, some require downloading. If not with the application, then you can use the website.



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Find out how to change WhatsApp to a business account and its features




Currently, WhatsApp has provided special features for business owners to market their business easily. The name of this feature is WhatsApp Business. To use it, you must first know how to change WhatsApp to a business account until it’s finished.

If the method is known, then it can be immediately followed and a business account can be utilized immediately. Therefore, this article will discuss how to change it easily along with other information. Check out these details to find out:

How to Change Normal WhatsApp to a Business Account

In fact, the process of changing an ordinary WhatsApp account to a business account is not difficult. But still, there are a series of stages that must be completed without missing anything. It is important to run, so there are no obstacles.

To make the process of changing it easy, this section will explain how to change WhatsApp to a business account until the end. To complete all the processes properly, then follow these directions:

  • First, back up all chats and data on your regular WhatsApp account by going to the “Settings” menu.
  • Then press the “Chats” button, “Chat Backup”, and end with the “Backup” button. Thus, the data will be directly backed up.
  • Then download the “WhatsApp for Business” application and wait for the system to install it until it’s finished.
  • Once installed, immediately open the WhatsApp for Business application.
  • Read the terms that appear on the screen and press the “Agree and Continue” button.
  • Later, WhatsApp for Business will immediately detect the registered number that is being used.
  • To continue, press the “Next” and “Allow” buttons. With these two buttons, all chat history can be accessed again.
  • After that, enter the six-digit code sent via SMS into the box provided. This process must be carried out so that verification can be carried out.
  • When it’s finished, the business account can be used immediately and a business profile can be created immediately.

All of the above processes must be carried out with a smooth internet network. If the internet is not smooth, then it could be that the process cannot be completed properly. Therefore, don’t let any part be missed.

Features in WhatsApp Business

Apart from explaining how to change WhatsApp to a business account, this article will also discuss various features on WhatsApp Business. If you are still unsure about using WhatsApp Business, then this information will be very helpful.

Actually there are many features in WhatsApp Business, but what will be explained as the main features are five types. In order to be well understood, each feature will be explained one by one. See the following explanation:

1. Business Profile

The first feature available on WhatsApp Business is a business profile. In this feature, users can enter all things related to business. Starting from the business name, address, description, working hours, categories, and others.

Usually, this feature is never missed because it will be an important part of increasing consumer confidence. So make sure all the sections in the business profile are complete, so consumers can read them easily.

2. Catalogue

Then for the second feature that is no less interesting is the catalog. With this feature, users can enter all the products being sold along with their descriptions and prices. So all product details can be added.

In fact, these products can be put into several different categories. If you use regular WhatsApp, products cannot be included in a catalog like this. So we can be sure, this feature will greatly facilitate the user.

3. Automatic Messages

Furthermore, there is an automatic message feature that makes it easier for business owners. With this feature, consumers will still get a reply even if the business owner is not holding a cell phone. There are three types of automated messages that can be used as follows:

  • Greeting message: to welcome or greet new customers automatically with a message that has been set.
  • Away message: to reply to messages from consumers even though they are busy.
  • Quick replies: to reply to consumer messages with the same questions.

4. ChatBot

In contrast to automated messages, this chatbot can be used if it requires steps that must be carried out by consumers. For example, to process payment transactions, sales, warranty claims, and returns, this feature can be used.

So not all businesses can take advantage of this feature. Only certain businesses require customers to perform certain processes. Because this feature is available, business processes will be easier.

5. Reports

Report features or log reports are also available. By using this feature, business owners can know sales achievements using WhatsApp Business. All data will be provided in a complete and easy-to-read form.

This is the sequence of how to change WhatsApp to a business account until it’s finished. So that there are no obstacles in the process, then run each stage properly. If the process is good, then all the benefits and features can be utilized immediately.



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