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5 Ways to Overcome Indosat Quota Can’t Be Used Easily



How to deal with unusable Indosat quota is important information. Especially for Indosat users who experience problems with quota usage. When Indosat’s quota cannot be used, don’t focus on just one cause. The reason is, the cause is sometimes not just one.

Internet quota packages themselves can usually be used immediately after purchase. Provided that there has been a successful notification of purchasing the package. If indeed the quota still can’t be used, here’s a description of how to fix it without being complicated.

Causes Indosat Quota Cannot Be Used

The way to deal with Indosat quota cannot be used is actually easy. However, it would be better if the cause is known first. If you already know the cause, then you can find a solution or how to overcome it.

Apart from the provider or card, problems can also be caused by problems with the device. For example, the device is difficult to access the internet. Although this possibility is actually very small. Some of the reasons Indosat quota cannot be used are as follows.

  • The active period for the Indosat quota package has expired. So, even though there is still a lot of quota, the quota still cannot be used if its active period has expired.
  • The number of pulses is not enough to extend the package. If it is approaching the active period and the package runs out, try to have the number of pulses that match the package price.
  • APN error, even though APN is the link between the HP device and the internet. APN is taken into consideration by providers when providing internet access.
  • There is an overlapping of other internet packages. That way, immediately deactivate the package whose quota has run out. Simply by sending an UNREG message to 363 via SMS.
  • Indosat users can still use the internet even if their main quota runs out thanks to the safe credit service . However, problems will arise with using the quota if the quota is active and the safe credit runs out. So, if the safe credit pop-up appears, immediately top up your quota.

Solution If Indosat Quota Cannot Be Used

How to deal with Indosat quota cannot be used as important information. Especially for users who really don’t know what to do when their quota is experiencing problems.

The effect of this is that the internet network cannot be used at all. There are several ways you can do so that Indosat’s quota can be used again. Check out the solution in the following discussion:

1. Check the Internet Active Period

Each card has an active period, as well as Indosat cards. The expiration of the Indosat card’s active period will certainly cause the quota to not be used. This is the most common problem found.

When the active period expires, some services and features will be reduced. Including quotas that cannot be used at all. The solution is easy, namely by re-enabling the card.

2. Perform SIM Card Registration

The next way to deal with Indosat quota cannot be used is to register a SIM card. Registration can be done using NIK and KK. If these two important numbers are not registered, Indosat’s quota will not be used. 

To prevent this from happening, try to register immediately when buying an Indosat card. This is also in accordance with Kominfo regulations, where the SIM card must be registered.

3. Restart the HP

This is often forgotten when there is a problem with the HP. In fact, restarting the cellphone is useful for refreshing some systems that may be experiencing problems. This includes when the network is down.

In a panic situation, it’s normal if this simple thing is not done immediately when the quota cannot be utilized. The cellphone can be restarted by pressing the power off button . To turn the cellphone back on, press the power on button .

4. Restore APN Settings

The way to deal with Indosat quota not being used is to return the APN settings to default . Of course, this method will work if the problem is with the APN. APN settings can be problematic when tweaked, causing the 4G/3G status bar icon to not appear. Or, even appear drowned.

To restore APN settings is to go to “Settings” or ” Settings ” first. After later selecting ” Default “, the APN will automatically return to the default settings.

5. Waiting for the Network to Normal itself

When Indosat’s quota cannot be used, predict several possible causes. It could be that the problem is with the provider . For this one problem, the solution is simply to wait until the network is normal.

If after a long wait the network does not return to normal, please contact customer service . Ask when the network will return to normal so that the quota can be used again.   

If the Indosat quota cannot be used at all after being purchased, it means that there is a problem. Whether it’s a problem from the provider or from the card. The way to deal with Indosat quota cannot be used has been explained above.

Basically, this problem is not only experienced by Indosat users. Other providers also often experience similar problems, but the causes may be different.

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Tips & Tricks

Winter Facebook Cover Photos: Capturing the Season’s Magic




winter facebook cover photos

Using your Facebook cover images as a means to display the enchantment of winter is a brilliant idea. Embrace the season and make an impression on profile visitors with attractive winter-themed cover photos. We’ll go over the technique of making these images in this post.

Seasonal Appeal of Winter Facebook Cover Photos

It is a wonderful idea to use your Facebook cover photos to showcase the magic of winter. Capture the spirit of winter and wow profile visitors with a photo that reflects the season. In this post, we will discuss the process of creating these photos.

Choosing the Right Winter Elements

You can’t go wrong with snowflakes, winter scenery, and festive decorations for your winter cover images. These features make the profile more aesthetically pleasing and approachable while also adding a seasonal touch.

DIY Winter Photo Ideas

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Optimizing Dimensions for Facebook Covers

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Tools and Apps for Editing Winter Cover Photos

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Adding Text and Graphics

Find the sweet spot when words and images complement each other. Put in some winter-themed quotations or holiday greetings. To keep everything looking neat and tidy, use visuals sparingly.

Showcasing Personal Style

The picture you choose as your Facebook cover says a lot about who you are. Show off your personal style, whether it’s a spare, winter wonderland or everything in between. Find the topic that speaks to you the most by trying out a few different ones.

Inspiration from Trending Winter Themes

If you want your cover photographs to stand out in winter, you need to be aware of what’s popular. Look at what people are drawn to—the rustic allure of a snowy lodge, the grandeur of a winter wedding, etc.—and use it as inspiration.

Engagement through Storytelling

Make your cover photographs do more than just look good; they should convey a narrative. Make an emotional connection with your viewers by telling their story via the film. This interaction creates a feeling of belonging and sticks with those who view your profile.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Make your cover photographs do more than just look good; they should convey a narrative. Make an emotional connection with your viewers by telling their story via the film. This interaction creates a feeling of belonging and sticks with those who view your profile.

Testing and Previewing Covers

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Sharing and Networking

Post your winter cover images on different sites and interact with other members of the community. Inspire your network to connect via sharing their works, which will encourage them to think creatively and share more.

Measuring Success

You can track how well your cover photographs are doing by looking at the metrics. Keep tabs on interactions like likes and comments to find out what your audience finds interesting. You may use this information to make future cover photographs that stand out more.


Finally, if you’re looking for a chance to get creative and establish a more personal connection with your audience, consider using winter cover photographs for Facebook. Try new things, be yourself, and let the winter wonderland show through in your profile.


Can I use a personal photo for my winter Facebook cover?

Absolutely! Personal photos add a unique touch to your profile and can create a more intimate connection with your audience.

Are there specific dimensions for winter Facebook cover photos?

Yes, it’s recommended to use dimensions of 820 pixels by 360 pixels for optimal display.

How can I make my winter cover photo stand out?

Experiment with creative elements, colors, and themes. Don’t be afraid to showcase your personality.

Is it necessary to use editing tools for winter cover photos?

While not mandatory, using editing tools can enhance the visual appeal and quality of your cover photos.

Can I change my winter cover photo frequently?

Yes, feel free to update your cover photo to reflect different winter moments or themes throughout the season.

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